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Sullivan Machine Works is a ISO9001:2015 Certified manufacturing company that excels in manufacturing tight tolerance components. We specialize in machined components for aircraft and space applications



Everything is manufactured. However most things manufactured are not perfect. We continually strive to perfect and improve our processes and your products. This allows you to focus on selling your products without having to worry about quality and availability of our parts.   

Aaron and Noah continually strive to ensure that customers get the most from their money and hard work. If you succeed, so do we.



Aerospace services

Aerospace MRO Machining


We offer full service machining to all aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul companies. Including in house heat treating and inspection

Helicopter OEM Machining


Original Equipment Manufacturing for Transport Canada certified components and experimental aircraft enthusiasts

Space Machining

space applications

The extremely harsh conditions of space require unique manufacturing procedures. The harsh temperature changes will create stress on your parts. We are experienced in following these unique conditions. Have your equipment made by an experienced professional.