Everything is a five axis part!

Exciting times at Sullivan Machine Works!

We recently invested in new equipment, as you can guess in the title it is a five axis machine. The installation of our new Matsuura MX-520 PC4 was completed in July and we are now running most of our regular production on this machine.

Five axis milling has many benefits compared to 3 axis machining. The ability to machine more sides of the work piece in one setup reduces costs and increases accuracy. Errors from re-positioning and the effort and time spent on complex fixtures are greatly reduced.

In addition to the added perks from being a 5 axis machine, It is also equipped with a four station pallet changer. This integrated automation reduces the cycle time as the machine can now run while parts are being loaded on another pallet. It also opens up the ability for us to run lights out on long cycle parts maximizing machine time.

Our quality assurance abilities are also boosted by the addition of a Rennishaw OMP60 on machine probe capable of inspecting parts in process to ensure quality in process.

The spindle is equipped with through coolant at 1000psi that helps remove heat and chips while machining and greatly increases our confidence on difficult to machine materials such as titanium and inconel.

Our decision to go with the trusted Japanese machine brand Matsuura reflects our commitment to quality in the parts we produce.

If you want to know more about how we can help you with your machining challenges please don’t hesitate to contact us!


The Importance of Finishing CNC Machined Parts

Any cnc machine shop can say they have high quality parts and craftsmanship. What makes your product stand out amongst the rest? Our policy is to manufacture every part as if it were on display for the world to see.

Every part that leaves your shop is a little piece of advertising. A truly significant part will create a conversation. Conversations lead to referrals. A referral is worth 100 times anything you can ever tell a potential customer.

A full finishing department puts your best foot forward. Let your parts do the talking, they say more than you ever can.