MACHINING - ISO9001:2015 Certified - milling & turning

The core focus of our business is machining. Working with many materials, specializing in the exotics, as well as the standard. Subtractive manufacturing is still the most precise method of manufacturing many components. The extreme care we take to maintain our equipment ensures they are perfectly calibrated and precise, ready to produce all of the time.

Aaron and Noah continually strive to ensure that customers get the most from their money and hard work. If you succeed, so do we.


  • Kent knee-style milling machine

  • Monarch 10EE Toolroom Lathe

  • Grob Vertical Band Saw

  • Horizontal Band Saw


  • Matsuura 3-Axis high speed machining center

  • Nakamura Tome 8-Axis Multi-Tasking lathe (65 mm through the spindle bore)

Machine Specifications

Nakamura-Tome WT-300


  • 8-Axis Multi-Tasking lathe

  • 65 mm through the spindle bore

  • Max. turning diameter  270mm 199mm/270mm

  • Max. turning length 780mm

  • Distance between spindle nose. Max.1,100mm/min.250mm

  • Bar capacity65mm(op.L:102mm)

  • Chuck size8"/10" 12"305mm


matsuura vg550


  • 3 axis Mill

  • Travel: X/Y.Z = 550mm/410mm/460mm

  • Table Surface: 860mmX400mm

  • Max. Spindle Speed: 15,000RPM

  • Max Number Of Tools: 30 BT40