Manufacturing Innovation Services

We offer various manufacturing consulting services and have a pool of skilled trades people capable of trouble shooting, decision making and designing more robust, efficient process's for your manufacturing shop or process. 



  • CNC Machine Cleaning

  • Mechanical Troubleshooting

  • Electrical Troubleshooting

  • General upkeep and  Regular Maintenance

  • Machine Leveling

  • Maintenance Procedure and Schedule Development

Fixture & workholding Design

  • Design and manufacture of precision fixtures and workholding

  • Consulting on "quick change" and modular fixtures for production

  • Special and custom tool selection and design 

  • Organization of manufacturing cells

  • Designing manufacturing flow

  • Infrastructure requirements for equipment

  • Equipment selection

  • Work area design and organization

CNC Custom integration macro
(Specializing in Fanuc Macro B language)

  • Part probe integration macros

  • On machine probe calibration macros and procedures

  • Tool measurement integration macros

  • On machine inspection using part probes

  • Tool life managment macro's

  • Multiple part functionality macro's


  • Full product integration

  • Calibration and repair services

  • Consulting services

  • Fully qualified Journeyman Instrument Technicians